Warranty description
        When the product is repaired, please send this warranty card and the purchased products to our service department.
        Matters needing attention:
        1. According to the design, production and other related documents, the life expectancy of this model is generally 5 years, the product in excess of its life after the continued use, may produce performance degradation and failure rate significantly higher.
        2. In the normal and reasonable use, our products one year warranty,five years vacuum guarantee. More than the warranty period or for non normal use (such as: accidentally broken ) we only charge free maintenance, replacement of parts cost.
        3. We set up a user file for each customer, product maintenance or replacement, just by the warranty card or Taobao transaction records can be, and enjoy life-long technical services.
        Warranty card
        Dear customer, thank you for the purchase of Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. in order to be able to better serve you, after the purchase of the product, please read carefully, fill in and take good care of this warranty card.
        Production and after-sales service address: No. 39 Changxing Road, Zhengzhou, Henan
        Service Tel:+86-15290868205/+86-18903712477
        Fax: +86-371-65368133
        ※The product maintenance fee, please contact with our company service department, arrange for service to the company as soon as possible
        ※This warranty card content of the right of final interpretation, modify the rights to the Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.