Tianchi supply best quality ice machine


Tianchi supply best quality ice machine
Tianchi ice machine product introduction
Brand: Tianchi ice machine
Size: 650 * 750 * 1010

Tianchi ice machine features:
Ice mode ice making: ice ice forming, the world's most advanced ice making method, ice crystal clear, delicate texture, long lasting cooling effect.
Stainless steel shell: the appearance of luxury generous, durable shell corrosion resistant impact shell for a variety of environments.
Adjustable amount of ice: ice thickness adjustable for a variety of ice rink use.

Automatic Control: The use of advanced single-chip control, water supply, ice, ice, fault protection, etc. automatically completed, the use of safe and convenient.
Energy-saving: one-third of energy-saving than similar products.
Advanced design: Europe's most advanced ice technology, European graphic design, compact structure, excellent performance.
Parts selection:The world famous compressor, efficient and durable, heating valves, thermal expansion valves were used in Italy ODE and Danfoss products, machine performance is stable and reliable.

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